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Furniture and lighting places 9th out of 2014′s top 10 Italian exports

20 Aug 2014

Furniture and lighting places 9th out of 2014′s top 10 Italian exports, according to World’s Top Exports. When one looks at Italian furniture, it is easy to see why it has made this top ten list.

Italian furnishings are elegant, sophisticated and timeless. The carved curved legs, the inlaid gilt and trims and the deep tones of richly polished wood—all combine into extraordinary Italian furniture. As with most other Italian styles, the art of furniture making travels far back in Italian history.

Some of the most exquisite furniture lines can be traced back to small, Italian family-owned businesses. This art form was passed throughout generations and retains its high-quality today.

After reading this, we are sure a trip to Italy is now on your bucket list. In the meantime, try to mimc this amazing heritage by including some Italian household goods into your decor today. There are plenty of online storefronts that make Italian household goods available, and you will be surprised to see that there is a price point for everyone.

When designing your home, remember to include a touch of luxurious tile, Murano glass, or elegant Italian furniture. If you are more of a minimalist, then look to the modern Italian furniture makers that are popping up everywhere.

What Italian household good would you like to own?